F9r my f9ll9wers.

Hell9, and welc9me t9 my page. This is where I address all 9f my extensive lectures a69ut relevant materials which include 6ut are n9t limited t9: hem9ph96ia, class 9ppressi9n, slurs, the differing structures 9f Alternian, 6ef9ran, and Earthly s9cieties, the persecuti9n 9f 6eings in the m9re warm-6l99ded spectrum 9f Alternian and 6ef9rus s9ciety, c99l-6l99ded priviledges, and micr9 and macr9aggressi9ns. If y9u ever want t9 discuss any 9f the af9rementi9ned t9pics 9r perhaps even 6ring in s9me fresh material, feel free t9 send me a message. If y9u have any triggers, I impl9re y9u t9 tell me and I will d9 my 6est t9 navigate away fr9m th9se t9pics. Th9ugh I c9nsider myself t9 6e very cauti9us a69ut p9tentially 9ffensive and/9r triggering material, there might 6e s9me micr9aggressi9ns that may “slip thr9ugh the cracks” in which case I ap9l9gize and after y9u have pacified y9urself if y9u ch99se t9 c9nfr9nt me a69ut it, I pr9mise I will 6e m9re attentive next time. In any case, if y9u are here I imagine it is 6ecause y9u are interested in my exhaustive serm9ns and are thirsty f9r my intensive kn9wledge which y9u sh9uld 6e happy t9 kn9w that I am m9re than willing t9 take 9n new discipl— er, I mean, friends, and 9pen their eyes t9 the injustices in 9ur everyday lives and instruct them a69ut living a m9re 6r9ad-minded and c9rrect life. 9h wait, perhaps I sh9uldn’t have said that. N9t 9nly did I menti9n what c9uld 6e c9nsidered “a6leist” t9wards the 6lind and visually incapa6le, 6ut I als9 9pened the fl99dgates t9 c9rp9realn9rmativity. What I sh9uld have said is that I expect t9 6r9aden their h9riz9ns s9 they may lead a m9re fulfilling and a least p9ssi6ly 9ppressive existance. Yes, that’s 6etter.